Nineteen: A tribute to Count Basie

[image: Jazz musician playing in fog]
Nineteen: A tribute to Count Basie
Mar 4, 2023

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Join Nineteen, San Jose’s professional big band, in a tribute to jazz pioneer Count Basie. You’ll love experiencing live music on our intimate stage as part of our Lights & Music Concert Series.

The legendary American jazz pianist and bandleader remains one of the world’s most popular names in jazz. Nineteen will play some of his greatest hits, and other tunes inspired by his legacy.

Led by San Jose native Gus Kambeitz, Nineteen features many local musicians who regularly perform in the jazz scene and pit orchestras around the Bay Area. Playing on March 4: Tim Devine, alto sax; Kevin Kono, lead trumpet; Erin Bliss, trombone; Gus Kambeitz, bass; Bob Aron, piano; Bruce Campbell, drums; Nancy Moser, baritone sax; CJ Posner, trombone; James Pasqual, tenor sax; David Rodrigues, trumpet; Craig Diserens, trumpet; Diana Tucker, sax; and Rick South, trombone.

Nineteen has been performing in the South Bay for more than 20 years, and has hosted many of the world’s greatest jazz artists in feature concerts. The band has also created two original musical theater collaborations with local theaters highlighting historical jazz greats. Learn more about Nineteen.