Concerts & Special Events

In addition to our mainstage season, we also host concerts, festivals and other events. Scroll to see what we’ve got coming up next. Our annual Lights Up! festival of new plays is now a popular audio series on Filament. Listen on our website or anywhere you get your podcasts.

Upcoming Concerts & Special Events

Black & White Time Warp Ball
5:00PM, Saturday, April 27, 2024
Dynamic live performances, a sit-down dinner catered by Il Fornaio, and your favorite City Lights actors telling their favorite theater stories? Yes please! Come do the Time Warp with us at our fundraising gala on Saturday, April 27.
Cory Cullinan & Riley Max
7:00PM, Sunday, June 16, 2024
[image: At left, a smiling man in a DR NOIZE T-shirt. At right, his smiling daughter in a dark T-shirt with long blond hair]
This special Father's Day concert features father and daughter musicians Cory Cullinan and Riley Max: songs and storytelling from each of their albums about life, family and friends. Cory has songs in major movies, documentaries, and on multiple albums, and is also the family recording artist Doctor Noize. Riley hit the scene last year with her stunning debut album of original songs, "ROY G BIV."