Media Coverage of City Lights

[image: A 40-something Black woman and a younger Latinx actor grin and cheers while sharing a drink triumphantly]

King Liz (2024)

“The City Lights Theater Company production is delectably smooth, with many fine moments harnessed together to craft a narrative offering plenty of poignant humor.”  –The Mercury News

[image: Amanda Le Nguyen and Jomar Tagatac with motorcycle]

Vietgone (2022)

“City Lights has assembled an absolutely sizzling, crackerjack cast of five under the imaginative and insightful direction of Jeffrey Lo.”  –Talkin’ Broadway

[image: Patricia Tyler, Andre Leben and Karen DeHart in The Hollow]

The Hollow (2022)

“Murder most malicious has transpired at City Lights Theater Company — and we couldn’t be more delighted about it.”   –Content Magazine

[image: Alycia Adame and Ash M.B. in a video game during Coded]

Coded (2021)

“Critical in showing how women in gaming inspire by grabbing their own self-empowerment. No one will offer them any swords — they’ll just bring their own.”  –The Mercury News

[image: The Next Stage artists performing on Zoom]

Digital shows during Covid

“City Lights did a heroic job of taking their stage to the littlest screen. They’ve kept San Jose alight.”  –Metro

Stage Kiss (2020)

“The City Lights cast pulls it off with comic gusto. The comedy keeps building on itself, making some of those final scenes terribly funny, and also touching.”  –The Mercury News

[image: Leah Cohen and Lauren Rhodes in Eurydice]

Eurydice (2019)

“How do you perform a play in English and American Sign Language simultaneously? Can that work? Yes.”  -KQED

[image: Hayley Lovgren, Chloe Angst and Amy Soriano-Palagi in LIZZIE]

LIZZIE (2017)

“This is one killer musical, and the City Lights cast totally slays it.”   –The Mercury News

[image: Maria Giere Marquis and Jessica Whittemore in Silent Sky]

Silent Sky (2019)

“A luminous play, touching and stirring and funny in all the right places, and director Mark Anderson Phillips and the pitch-perfect cast bring out all those aspects beautifully.”  –The Mercury News