Health & Safety Protocols

Our culture of care in the Covid era

At City Lights, our culture of care is at the heart of our mission. As we create art to engage, inspire and challenge, we also work to create a safe and welcoming space.

Note: Practices may change as government guidelines evolve. In addition, we may have to cancel a show if a team member becomes ill or the pandemic worsens in our area. Please make sure you receive City Lights emails so you won’t miss key updates.

If you’re not ready to return to live theater in a group setting, we understand. When you’re ready to come back, we’ll be here.

Before you enter the theater

  • Are you feeling ill? Do you have any worrisome symptoms? Please stay home if you aren’t well, and don’t worry about your tickets. We’ll be happy to exchange them for another performance, free of charge.
  • We continue to recommend wearing masks indoors, but we are no longer requiring them, except at select performances.
  • City Lights recommends the Covid vaccination and booster, but is no longer requiring it of audience members.

At the box office

  • We’re keeping all processes as low-touch as possible. And we do not use paper tickets; you’ll check in by simply giving your name.
  • We have instituted a reserved-seating system to help you feel more secure about where you’re sitting and who your neighbors will be. However, if for any reason you feel uncomfortable about your seat when you arrive, our staff will do their best to move you to another open spot, no questions asked.
  • In addition, if you arrive and realize you don’t feel comfortable entering the theater, we’ll be happy to offer you a link to an online option for watching at home, if we’re able to stream that show. Overall, anyone who is turned away at the door or wishes to come back on another date is welcome to exchange their tickets for another performance at no charge, subject to availability.


  • Our concessions team will clean and disinfect all countertops and other surfaces as often as possible.
  • To avoid any cross-contamination, our concessions workers will remain behind the counter and deal only with concessions, not box-office matters.

Other health & safety measures

  • Our three powerful HVAC units have been inspected by a certified HVAC industry expert. They’ve been configured to allow the maximum amount of fresh air to enter the building without compromising your comfort. In addition, we’re using the highest-grade filters recommended for our units, and all intake and outflow vents have been cleaned. Our units exceed the recommended ACH (air change index: the number of times the air is changed inside the building per hour) for our facility.
  • We’re doing daily cleaning and disinfecting, from the lobby to the restrooms to the stage and house. We have electric ULV cold foggers to disinfect the upholstered seats, new touchless dispensers in the restrooms, and hand-sanitizing stations everywhere. And we may be setting a record for the number of signs explaining hand-washing.
  • Explanatory, instructional and informational signage regarding your health, safety and current health department and/or government mandates will be posted and clearly visible both inside and outside the theater.
  • We’ll make non-print versions of our programs and Highlights dramaturgy guides available.
  • We’ll always strive to be kind, compassionate and flexible. During this pandemic, we’ve discovered that we’re all stronger and more resilient than we thought, and also more fragile. It can never be said enough: We’re all in this together.

Our Covid-19 waiver

We ask that all patrons, when buying a ticket, check a box to acknowledge this waiver. Thank you to everyone who has been so flexible, understanding and supportive during this tough time.

By participating in in-person events and programming, you understand and acknowledge that you are voluntarily seeking and engaging in activities that increase your risk of exposure to Covid-19. Patrons and their families release City Lights Theater Company from any risk or liability associated with Covid-19 exposure and/or infection. By checking the box below, you acknowledge that you must comply with all procedures set by City Lights Theater Company to reduce the spread of Covid-19 while within CLTC buildings, property, and/or grounds.