Order Up! Backstage at “Clyde’s”

Order Up! Backstage at “Clyde’s”
Jun 3, 2024

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A Zoom talkback with director Aldo Billingslea and members of the Clyde’s cast.

How does an actor prepare to work with so many food props? When does a director decide he has found a script he loves? And what makes a perfect sandwich? These are the kinds of questions we’ll be discussing at our Zoom talkback for Lynn Nottage’s “Clyde’s.” Join us on June 3 at 7 p.m. as we talk with the artists all about this hilarious, heart-warming, hungry show.

Hosted by City Lights’ Rebecca Wallace, our Zoom talkbacks are absolutely free! To sign up, just “buy” a gratis ticket. We’ll send you the Zoom link. Watch past shows.

Clyde’s is supported by Producers Sandra Moll & Rick Holden, and by Season Producers Nancy B. Coleman & Paul M. Resch.