Lights Up! 2021: The Clown & On Her Wavelength

Filament is produced by City Lights, with music, editing and sound design by George Psarras. Scroll down to listen.

When the pandemic shutdown happened, we converted City Lights’ annual new-play festival Lights Up! into a podcast — and we enjoyed it so much that Lights Up! is now a podcast tradition. Radio plays allow you to focus on the playwrights’ words and get caught up in the story. Enjoy this first week of Lights Up! 2021.

The Clown by Miranda Caravalho, directed by Melinda Marks. Voice acting provided by:

  • Leigh Rondon-Davis as Mave
  • Kieran Beccia as Socks

On Her Wavelength by John Levine, directed by Melinda Marks. Voice acting provided by:

  • David Boyll as Lou
  • Oluchi Nwokocha as Gloria
  • Chiarra Sorci as Suzanne

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