Lights Up! 2020: Script Doctor

Filament is produced by City Lights, with music, editing and sound design by George Psarras. Scroll down to listen.

Script Doctor was written by Arcadia Conrad and directed by Melinda Marks. 

Voice acting provided by:
Phaedra Tillery as Amanda
Ron Talbot as Bobby
Juanita Harris as Jodi
Tasi Alabastro as Ryan
Damaris Divito as Corrine
Josie B. Lawson as Catherine
Keenan Flagg as Dakota
Evelyn Huynh as Hayley
Stephanie Baumann as Roz/Babies/Maygen/Lucy/Max
Stage Directions read by Ivette Deltoro

Artist Highlight: Keenan Flagg — @kmfpots on Instagram: 

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