Lights Up! 2022

Lights Up! 2022

The 2022 lineup featured a variety of concepts and genres, all revolving around the theme of ESCAPE. Think dark comedies and romantic comedies, dystopian futures and a sci-fi family drama, a runaway bride, and more.

Here’s the full festival lineup:

Episode 1, directed by Sarah Younan:
Jenny’s in Hell by Courtney Bailey
Pippy by Russell Weeks
Play House by Sage
Easy does It by Jake Alexander
Love, From Space by Maxwell Plata
Chem Class by Jennifer O’Grady

Featuring the voice talents of: Carol Amalia, Grace Beaudet, Catie Sheley, Mary Lou Torre and Hayden Verbanas.

Episode 2, directed by Melinda Marks
Amelia, Still by Allie Costa
It’s time to come out now by Guy Newsham
Viewer Discretion Advised by Alethea Shirilan-Howlett
White Dress by Laura Shamas
Monsters Beyond the Midnight Zone by Lindsay Partain
Twenty-four Tattoos by Peter J. Stavros

Featuring the voice talents of: Arcadia Conrad, Allie Costa, Asha Kelly, Nita Duarte Lambert, Skyler Riordan and Kyle Smith.