Lights Up! 2022: Episode 1

Filament is produced by City Lights, with music, editing, and sound design by George Psarras. The theme music also features guitars by Paul Psarras. Scroll down to listen.

Directing for this episode by Sarah Younan.

Jenny’s In Hell by Courtney Bailey
Voice acting provided by:

  • Catie Sheley as Automated Voice
  • Mary Lou Torre as Petitioner

Pippy by Russell Weeks
Voice acting for provided by:

  • Carol Amalia as Amy
  • Mary Lou Torre as Dr. Jay

Play House by Sage Martin
Voice acting provided by: 

  • Mary Lou Torre as Marie
  • Hayden Verbanas as Adam

Easy Does It by Jake Alexander
Voice acting provided by:

  • Catie Sheley as Naomi
  • Hayden Verbanas as Peter

Love, From Space by Maxwell Plata
Voice acting provided by:

  • Carol Amalia as Cassie
  • Grace Beaudet as Halley

Chem Class by Jennifer O’Grady
Voice acting provided by:

  • Grace Beaudet as Sofia
  • Hayden Verbanas as Alex


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