Rent Our Theater

The City Lights Theater Company performance space is a black box-style theater with a seating capacity of 100-110 people. It is suitable for corporate meetings/presentations, video/film shoots, performances, classes, auditions, readings, exhibitions and special events.

Please note that it is likely that any rental will occur during the timeframe of a City Lights production. As such, the scenery for that production will be onstage, and certain days/times may not be available. CLTC will make a best effort to move/remove any furniture or items that will inhibit your event. To ensure that proper space will be available, a site visit and/or discussion with the CLTC production manager should be arranged prior to your event. The following is an overview of the terms and conditions of renting/using the space.

CLTC Rental Availability Rental Inquiry Form

How to Rent our Venue

  • Read everything below.
  • Check for available dates by clicking on the “CLTC Rental Availability” link at the end of this information sheet.
  • Fill out a Rental Inquiry Form: also a link at the end of this information sheet.
  • Have a discussion with a CLTC representative; they will contact you shortly after you submit the Inquiry Form.
  • Submit a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your date. The deposit will be credited to your final rental fee.
  • Sign a contract, which will be generated after the conversation with the CLTC rep.
  • Show up at the theater on your contracted date.
  • Enjoy your time at City Lights Theater Company!

Areas Of Use

The following areas of the facility are available for use for all events:

  • Lobby
  • Bathrooms
  • Audience seating area
  • Stage and backstage
  • Green room
  • Dressing rooms (2)

Basic Rental Rates


  • Hourly: $300
  • Daily: $3000
  • Weekend: $5000

Non-Profit Organization

  • Hourly: $100
  • Daily: $1000
  • Weekend: $2500


  • Hourly: $100
  • Daily: $1000
  • Weekend: $2500

CLTC Benefit Event (a fundraiser for CLTC)

  • Hourly: TBD
  • Daily: TBD
  • Weekend: TBD

Hourly: Any hour between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Hourly rentals are billed by the half-hour, with a two-hour minimum rental. Hourly rental fees are due after load-out/end time is complete.
Daily: 8 a.m.-11 p.m. Daily rentals will be charged for any event lasting more than 7 hours. The rental fee will remain the same whether you are occupying the facility or not. Daily rental fees are due before load-in/prep time begins.
Weekend: Friday 8 a.m.- 11 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m.- 11 p.m. Items associated with your event may be kept in the facility overnight.

The basic rental rates above include the following:

  • Heat/air conditioning, water, electricity
  • A facility manager
  • 6 folding banquet tables
  • 25 folding chairs
  • Basic stage lighting (front, down, and side lighting)
  • House lighting
  • Garbage/recycling receptacles with bags
  • Cleaning facility before the event
  • General cleaning after the event

Services Available At Additional Cost

Box Office
CLTC can provide ticketing services for your event at an additional cost of $150 per performance plus $3 per ticket. This service includes a box office manager at the door at the time of your event.

CLTC can provide concessions services for your event at an additional cost of $150 per performance. Please note that due to ABC licensing and state health regulations, users are not allowed to sell their own concessions.

Sound System
If your event requires the use of our sound system (microphones, music), know that CLTC has a sound system available. Included are four wireless microphones with stands, and the ability to run other electronic instruments (keyboards and the like) through our sound board. CLTC will provide a sound technician for your event to set up and break down our equipment as well as an operator for the sound board. The additional cost for this service is $300 per performance. There is no additional charge for only playing music through our sound system.

Projection System
CLTC can provide up to three high-quality projectors for your event. All projectors have HDMI inputs. The user is responsible for setting projectors in the desired location and is also responsible for content and the means to send that content to the projectors. The CLTC facility manager can help with projector location decision and has the right not to allow projectors to be placed in an unsafe manner or location. CLTC does not have a projection screen or any projection surface available. The additional cost for this service is $75/projector per event.

Enhanced Lighting 1
CLTC will provide basic stage lighting as part of the basic rental package. Users renting on an hourly or daily basis may request additional lighting such as color changes and changes in light directionality. No cues will be recorded into the board in this case. Submasters on the board will be made available that either CLTC personnel or a user-provided individual can control. No lighting instruments may be refocused nor may any lighting instruments be hung or altered in any way. The additional cost for this service is $75 per performance.

Enhanced Lighting 2
This additional service includes everything available in Enhanced Lighting 1 plus the ability to move, hang, rehang, refocus and record cues to the lightboard. This service is available only to users renting the facility for a weekend. CLTC will provide a lighting technician to perform the necessary work. Communication with the lighting technician at least two weeks in advance of the load-in date is required. The cost for this additional service is $500 per event. A user-provided individual may operate the lightboard for performances or CLTC can provide an operator at an additional cost of $75 per performance.

Other Information

There is space immediately in the lot in front of the building to accommodate approximately 12 vehicles. This parking is for use by renters as they see fit. We have no designated handicap parking, but do maintain two handicap-accessible parking spots. Depending on the time of day and which day your event is to take place, some of the spaces may be occupied by CLTC staff members. Additional parking for event-goers MAY be available depending on the time of day and the day of your event. Additional parking, if available, will be charged $7.00/car. CLTC makes no guarantee of parking for event-goers.

Loading In
The most convenient entrance to load equipment into the building is through our main double doors. Renters may park in front of the double doors to load/unload their vehicles. Parking is not allowed in this location once equipment has been loaded into the building.

Food and Catering
CLTC offers no catering services. Due to ABC regulations, renters are not allowed to sell any food or beverage before, during, or after their event. However, renters may provide food and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) free of charge to their guests. Food may be provided by the renter or through a third-party caterer. Only two designated persons, 18 years old or older, may pour, serve or obtain alcoholic beverages to your guests. Guests may not pour or otherwise obtain their own drinks. All health standards must be adhered to when serving food and beverage. Food and beverages are allowed in the theater proper.

We ask that you instruct your guests to use the provided receptacles for their trash and recycling. The renter is responsible for ensuring that all food, beverages, and food/beverage-related trash and leftovers be removed from the building.

Handicap Accessibility
Our entire first row is suitable for anyone who is mobility challenged. If you know in advance that you will have individuals who need this type of seating, it is suggested that you somehow designate those seats for use by them. There are removable seats to allow for one wheelchair guest. There are two parking spots directly in front of our main double glass doors in which handicapped or mobility challenged persons can park. Our driveway is also large enough to allow for mobility challenged individuals to be dropped off in front of our main doors.