Update on our Progress Toward Becoming an Equitable Arts Organization

October 26, 2021

The following are the company’s latest steps in its ongoing, evolving journey to become a more equitable organization in all areas and on all fronts:

  1. The company has hired Armando Zumaya, a Diversity Consultant, to assist in recruiting additional board members that directly reflect our community.
  2. The company has paid for and provided preliminary EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) online training for the Board of Directors and staff.
  3. The company has dedicated one staff meeting per month to an in-depth, detailed discussion of the company’s evolving EDI policies, practices, and values.
  4. Staff leadership are taking ongoing classes in EDI issues, awareness, and policy-building.
  5. Staff leadership have educated themselves, and continue to educate themselves, with a wealth of reading material, and are providing the full staff and board with those educational resources on an ongoing basis.
  6. The company is committed to, and has begun, addressing the company’s EDI work in our upcoming strategic plan process, including the establishment of measurable EDI outcomes.
  7. The company canceled a planned production that did not reflect the concerns of the Living Document.
  8. The company has made, and continues to make, a concerted effort to ensure that all programming includes more artists of color on every platform.
  9. The company has created a proper land acknowledgment statement for our theater space.
  10.  In all conversations about future programming, the company is dedicated not only to producing plays written by artists of color, but also to ensuring that production staffing accurately reflects the cultural representation and needs of those productions.
  11.  The company has commissioned three monologues to be written by BIPOC playwrights and performed by BIPOC actors, to be produced electronically within 12 months.
  12. The company has drafted and posted an Inclusivity and Welcome Statement acknowledging all racial and gender identifications and affirming the company’s intolerance for any and all oppressive language, actions or behavior, whether implicit or explicit.

We understand that we have a long journey ahead and realize that what is most important is not to be complacent, to keep moving forward towards justice every day.