Nonprofit partnerships at City Lights

Each season, City Lights partners with one local nonprofit per mainstage production (six per year). City Lights seeks to pair with groups whose mission may be tied to the theme of a play or musical. For example, for The Waiting Room, a play about cancer and the medical industry, City Lights partnered with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. History San Jose was a perfect partner during Truce: A Christmas Wish from the Great War.

Besides donating a portion of box-office proceeds to support the partner’s efforts in the community, City Lights highlights the partner’s work in printed materials and curtain speeches. We also place a donation box in the lobby during the run; invite the nonprofit’s officers to give a brief curtain speech before a designated performance; and provide display space for the partner to create an engaging exhibit. (Did you see History San Jose’s display about San Jose residents’ involvement in World War I? Fascinating.) In return, the partner promotes the City Lights production to its employees, volunteers and other constituents.

A more involved partnership might involve hosting a special event at the theater or the partner’s venue, such as a reception at a gallery after a City Lights matinee.

Interested in pursuing a partnership? Contact City Lights Marketing Director Rebecca Wallace at

[image: Chihuahua]

During the quirky comedy  Tigers Be Still, City Lights partnered with the Silicon Valley Pet Project — and paired photos of rescue chihuahuas with quotes from the play in an ad campaign.