[image: Staff photos: Lisa, Kit, Anne]

Executive Artistic Director Lisa Mallette, Associate Artistic Director Kit Wilder, Development Director Anne Younan.


[image: CLTC staff members Ron, Rebecca and Amoreena]

Production Manager / Scenic Designer Ron Gasparinetti, Marketing Director Rebecca Wallace, Business Manager Amoreena Lucero.


[image: CLTC staff members Ivette, Joseph and Rachel]

Casting Assistant / Patron Experience Manager Ivette Deltoro, Master Electrician & Carpenter Joseph Hidde, New Works Program Manager Rachel Bakker.


[image: CLTC staffers George, Nick, Simon]

Sound Designer George Psarras, Lighting Designer Nick Kumamoto, Bark Designer Simon Bakker.


[image: CLTC staff members Charnnee', Taylor and Erin]

Executive Assistant Charnnee’ Young, Company Photographer Taylor Sanders, House Manager Erin Southard.

Ivette, Joseph, Charnnee’, Taylor and Erin also run our Mini Lights emerging-artists program. Learn more about Mini Lights.

In addition, the company employs administrative interns, production interns, house managers, and box-office assistants, as well as many actors, directors, designers, artisans, and technicians. For general questions or ticket sales, reach us at