City Lights Board of Directors

It’s no secret that City Lights has the best board around. We are truly fortunate to have such enthusiastic, talented, involved people helping shape and build our future. And you’ll see many of them on our stage!


[image: "Calendar Girls" (2016) photo]

Did we mention our board knows how to have a good time? Here are board members Karen DeHart and Deb Anderson (with Development Director Anne Younan) in Calendar Girls (2016). Photo by Taylor Sanders.

Rick Boyle (President)
Heather Lerner (Vice President)
Dave Chandler (Treasurer)
Karen DeHart (Assistant Treasurer)
Chloe Verrey (Secretary)

Deb Anderson
Rachel Bakker
Danny Bozzuto
Kristin Brownstone
Chris del Pilar
Virginia Drake
Robert Knight
Michelle Marko
Charlie McCollum
Clint Moore
Michael Mulhern
Paul Resch
Mary Lou Torre
Alison Wynn

Advisory Council
Marv Bamburg
Steve Borkenhagen
Rich Braugh
Dennise Carter
Jerald Enos
Frank Fiscalini
Tom Gough
Phil Hammer
Janikke Klem
John McEnery IV
Nick Nichols
Joshua Russell
Alexandra Urbanowski
Geri Weimers