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We create many different types of media in our storytelling. Are you a journalist seeking publicity photos, press releases, and other resources? Are you a theater patron looking to learn more about our shows? We have put together an assortment of links and resources to assist in your search. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Email us at or call 408-295-4200.



Resources for the press: Press releases, show synopses, links to high-res photos, and other items about our shows are presented here for journalists.

Reviews and articles: Read reviews, feature stories, and other write-ups about our productions.


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Highlights guides, published for each show, include interviews with directors and playwrights, historic background, and other resources.


Past seasons

Want to flash back to one of your favorite shows? It’s OK. We get sentimental about sets, monologues, and props, too. Go back in time to 2014-15.