“Lights Up! Three Days of New Plays”

[image: New Play Readers Series photo of two actors]
Mark your calendars!
City Lights is planning a new festival of fresh theater for April 28-30, 2017.

For years, we’ve presented individual readings throughout the season. Now we’re bringing together all this creative energy in one weekend. “Lights Up! Three Days of New Plays” will introduce theatergoers to exciting Bay Area playwrights, presenting new full-length and one-act plays, as well as a series of shorts. Audiences will get to help shape new works, offering feedback to the writers in discussions after the readings.

“Lights Up!” readings will be held on the evenings of April 28 and 29 and on the afternoons of April 29 and 30. Here’s the lineup:

Full-length plays: Waiting for Next by Jeffrey Lo, Quick Quick Slow by Lynne Kaufman, and Candelabrum by Max Tachis.

One-act play: Confession by Barry Slater.

A series of shorts: Hatikvah and Vichy’s Garden, both by Shayna Billings; Cooley’s Reel and Gertrude, both by Madeline Lowe Puccioni; and B4 U Know It and How You Play the Game, both by John Levine.

Mark your calendars for “Lights Up!” — you may get the first taste of a new hit show. Buy your tickets online.



If you’re looking ahead to the 2018 “Lights Up!” festival and are interested in participating, stay tuned. Soon we’ll start accepting new scripts for consideration, as well as applications for acting, directing and reading opportunities. More information will be posted shortly. Thank you!

The Lights Up! committee:

Rachel Bakker
Patricia Cross
Barbara Heninger
Roberta J. Morris
Ross Peter Nelson
Ann Thomas
Helene Joseph-Weil 
Michelle Marko
Leah Halper


Rachel Bakker leads the audience talkback after a reading of the play “Forward Alone Together.”